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ECO Pet Fresh       Aqueous Spray Wax
Specially designed to clean and remove odor & stains left by pets. Unique bioenzymatic formulation enhances immediate odor control at their source, instead of artificial cover-up. 100% eco-friendly ingredients, it does not contain harmful substances or bleach that is harmful to you and your pets.   Care for the environment with no more aerosol cleaners! Aqueous Spray Wax is an aqueous based cleansing & conditioning wax that can help you to clean and protect your furniture from ordinary wear, water spills and stains. You will be amazed by its silky final touch and shines! Suitable for all kinds of surfaces including glass.
  Kitchen Oil Break       Tyre Black Shine 
Helps you break down tough kitchen grease within seconds! It offers a quick and easy way to clean up your greasy kitchen stove and ventilator with the minimal time and effort. 100% biodegradable.   Engineered for ultimate gloss and long-lasting protection for your tyres, that it helps to prevent tyre from fade, cracking and premature aging. Eco-friendly formula means non-solvent base, low VOC (non aerosol) and no offensive smell.


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Direct Industries Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of specialist cleaning chemicals such as car wash products: nano wax car wash, waterless green car wash, spray wax, wheel & tire cleaner, tire black shine, interior cleaner, eco spray fresh, carpet & upholstery cleaners and machines and microfiber towels etc; pet care products: eco pet fresh, silky soft anti tangle pet shampoo & conditioner etc; household & commercial cleaners: kitchen oil break, sparkling bathroom cleaner, stay shine floor cleaner, magic blue all purpose cleaner, aqueous spray wax, toilet cleaner, eco odor block, carpet shampoo & spot cleaner, air conditioner coil cleaner etc. Our products are designed to be eco-friendly for your cars, pets, homes, offices and factories. We also have a fans page on facebook, we hope you'll become our fans, to see the cleaning tips, download wall papers, and you will also get some coupons regularly. Thank you for visiting Direct Industries Ltd. web site.

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